Our Services

We achieve success as measured by what matters most: explosive top-line revenue growth tied to budget-conscious, bottom-line results. Our consultants are senior-level executives who are laser-focused on igniting performance.

We help your organization reach its full potential.

It all begins with identifying goals

Catalyst Performance Advisors is a leading global commercial strategy /sales force effectiveness consultancy. Catalyst is trusted by healthcare companies to ignite market performance, driving quantifiable results. We are focused on commercialization services, with extensive experience in product development, sales and marketing, training, regulatory, compliance, clinical trials, and intellectual property issues. Catalyst Possesses deep expertise in the medical device and healthcare markets.

Needs Assessment
  • Industry insights
  • Hands-on approach
  • Leverage technology
  • Rapid translation to strategy and tactics
Sales and Marketing Strategy and Enablement
  • Devise go-to-market strategy plans
  • Analyze and enhance current commercial strategies
  • Develop distribution networks
  • Develop advisory boards
  • Perform budgeting and forecasting
  • Target and stratify customers
  • Identify strategic levers or “business drivers”
  • Recruit “A+” players
  • Develop referral marketing strategies
  • Develop sales metrics
  • Create automated report cards, dashboards, and analytical tools
  • Create compensation strategies
Executive Sales Training and Coaching
  • Conduct performance analyses
  • Formulate strategic sales and marketing initiatives
  • Design and deploy sales motivation and selling skills programs
  • Deliver customized training content and facilitation for sales training programs and sales meetings, including selling skills, sales leadership, management development programs, C-suite selling, negotiation skills, complex sale, recruiting, team building, and goal setting
Consulting CEO Expertise
  • Analyze for optimal organizational structure.
  • Develop execution plans
  • Ensure operations run smoothly
  • Ensure collaboration and teamwork among all contributors
  • Establish long-term goals and timelines
  • Introduce you to strategic acquirers in medical device, healthcare, and healthcare IT spaces
  • Improve management transparency
Growth-Funding Strategist
  • Formulate effective fundraising strategies
  • Develop hard-hitting pitch decks designed to spark interest in projects
  • Assist with introductions to venture capitalists and angel investors
  • Leverage deep credibility with venture capital and angel investors
  • Evaluate operating plans, strategies, and management teams
  • Provide expertise in assessing the value of potential deals
Executive Coaching and Advisement
  • Partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential
  • Provide specifics on how to optimize leadership performance
  • Develop sales leadership


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