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Catalyst Performance Advisors is a certified reseller of a leading cloud-based video training platform that delivers sales, service and management training.

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Product Launch: Practical Guide to Launching Medical Device Products
By Nikolas F. Kerr and Tony Recupero

This book is an excellent and fun read on world-class product launches in the medical device industry. It is not only instructive on what to think about when you’re planning a launch but helps you think about your approach during the process … I cannot think of any other books on this process I’ve ever seen that are as practical as this one.

Tom Morizio

President and COO of ACIST Medical Systems and HLT

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State-of-the-Art Video Role-Play Management Training Platform

Our video role-playing sales tool helps sales representatives and other professionals learn, practice, and enables coaching as schedules permit and without stress.

  • Learn

    An easy-to-use user interface allows professionals to review common scenarios, see best practices examples and practice their own responses according to their schedule.

  • Practice

    Client-customized content and videos are accessible via any device with a webcam. Each scenario includes the following type of unique components: scenario background (text and video), learner script, best practices video, mentor and manager feedback criteria scoring, and an innovative automated rating comparison system to capture average to best performances.

  • Get Coached

    The platform allows individuals to solicit and receive feedback. The technology enables remote coaching, which means managers can give and get feedback independent of individual employee schedules.

World-Class Sales Coaching Tool

This mobile-sales coaching tool integrates skill assessments with proven content. The tool ensures that companies will achieve sustainable results by following three steps:

  • Identify

    Automatically diagnoses competency gaps in your sales force.

  • Develop

    Delivers personalized premium content that is selected from dozens of action guides and podcasts.

  • Achieve

    Link customized individual skill building competency attainment with each phase of a sales call, providing for a truly seamless transformation of critical knowledge-to-skill competency that results in increased sales productivity and revenue growth.

Results Driven Candidate Recruiting Tool

Our candidate-interviewing tool helps managers evaluate and hire the best candidates. Developed by behavioral scientists, this innovative interviewing tool assists managers in determining the best hire to sustain or increase the level of talent in their organization. The main features include:

  • Personality matches

    Matches the candidate’s performance-probability dimensions to those of your company’s top performers.

  • Customized questions

    Provides the hiring manager with a set of interview questions that have been developed and customized for a specific target candidate profile supported with custom developed interview questions and strategies.

  • Post-hire development plan

    Gives the hiring manager a post-hire development plan based on the specific strengths and weaknesses of individual candidates.